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New Album promo - 2016

Summer is hot, hit the surf boards, watch the Sharks !!!!!.

50th anniversary of landing on the Moon,

Why not download of "Just A Man in the Moon" from dave's 2nd album... hmmm has it

been 9years since that release, wow.... still a fav at the Barking Dog cafe...

Special thanks for all our supports and fans in France and Eastern Europe.....iTune Europe and fans in Europe and the US

and around the world.. appreciate all the support.


Sounds like Latest album...


is a hit and I very much appreciate you loyalty and all you great folks for taking the time to


Available now on CD Baby.!!!!!!!




"Another Hard Day" new Album

More to come on that news.

and thanks for Harry Fox and Thanks to Kbox... nearly 10,000 streams last 2 months... Thank you...!!!!!

Still toasty in the Pubs and StudiosFall !!!!!

Again, Thanks for the recent sales in Europe, Australia, Japan, and eastern Europe and around the world.

Glad to see the recent Album was well received.

Need to finish some more unplugged music in the works.

Unplugged again ...

Another big thank you to folks in Europe, and Asia and Mexico Way and our friends Down Under... - thanks for kind words and sales this past few months and special thanks folks using KKbox.. lots of streams.. thanks again

Glad to hear you are enjoying the sounds.

Out of the Salt Mine - doing great... and working on some singles for the Digital only release this year...

CD out on Amazon, iTunes, MicroSoft music, Spotify and CD BABY and iTunes and ........ (all 6 albums now available


Hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for most recent downloads and stream and iRadio airplay and our friends in Japan

Thanks for all the streaming and sales in Europe and Japan. and the Ukraine and eastern Europe... :-)

Following the sounds of the Going Underground with more acoustic passages...

For work in flight on sounds like "Just a Man in the Moon" with more Americana Folk/rock and coffee house tunes.

Working more acoustical items and more studio work on going.

Recent Reviews Said -

Pub news call its "Dave's best yet, with new catchy folk/rock in the Coffee House style"

"What's it really Like" will be on it on and its been a favorite at the pub.

"Some kind of something" songs will also be included not that some copyright paperwork came through

Video in progress.. more acoustic \ folk\coffee house tunes

Writing, writing and more writing... and FACEBOOK coming soon.....

Thanks for all the air play on Inet radio... "Nothing On You"... a hit in Eastern Europe.... and "Playing Cards" was cyber favorite this summer on the airwaves at over 8000 plays +... and "Down By the Ocean" and "Not Getting Over You" off of Underground..

Thanks, everyone... very much...

Hello again to my friends in the Ukraine and Europe, Netherlands, Japan, Belguim, USA, Germany, Mexico, India, and other the UK.... and Asia.