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Dave Van Dyke: News

Release Date set for Another Hard Day - January 14, 2019

January 21, 2019 will the Release Day for Dave Van Dyke's "Another Hard Day",..
His Seventh and most widely talked about in the local Pub on the East Coast....

Another Hard Day being released soon - December 4, 2018

New Album with 11 brand new songs from Dave Van Dyke going into Production soon and looking for late Jan 2019 Release..

Long awaiting studio version of "Making Time" a North Eastern favorite in the Pubs of New England way....

Out of the Salt Mine Released - April 27, 2017

OUT OF THE SALT MINE - Release November 2016

Digital and CD format available from all Major Download channels as well as iTunes and MicroSoft music and Amazom and even Walmart Music..

Thanks for another successful year...

Edge of the Waterfall on CD Baby - October 2, 2013

Attention! Edge of the Waterfall is now on CD BABY and has just gone out the door to our Digital distributors around the world.

Edge of the Waterfall releasing Oct 10th - September 14, 2013

Edge of the Waterfall.. releasing Oct 10th.
CD BABY and digital push to iTunes\amazon, etc.
Eleven Brand New tunes !

CLOCK ON THE WALL - Released - December 2, 2011

Clock on the Wall ... by Dave Van Dyke...
Released TODAY = Friday, December 2nd in America on the CD BABY label and distribution out to 2 dozen web based music sites (Amazon/Itunes/Napster...etc).....

Nine new original Pub Rock acoustic\electric Americana tunes with that early David Bowie\Tom Petty feel.

"You're Not Telling", coffee house hit is included with an additional electric punch...

CLOCK ON THE WALL - Releasing - November 14, 2011

Dave Van Dyke new Album "Clock On the Wall" will be release on December 02....
Nine new Acoustic\electrically spiked brand-new tunes, Pub tested and ready for his fans...
Appearance dates pending......

Clock On the Wall - New Release - coming soon - October 30, 2011

OCTOBER 29, 2011... "Clock on the Wall" - is finally FINISHED and is being released in November... 3 -weeks aways..... 9 brandnew tunes with Acoutic and electric guitars bringing the "live"sound of a warm, cozy, Ale filled Pub onto a CD or Digital download.... "You're Not Telling", a Pub favorite is now captured as well as 8 other new tunes which surveyed to be some of Dave's best work and well over due.....

After that an EP ("Out of the Saltmine" was written this past summer with another 7 tunes is on the rehearsal calendar... with guest stars and a Folk\blues\Americana.. beat.....

Pub dates in May - April 23, 2010

New stuff to test with the audience.... a few covers also..................


CD Reviews - From Europe ! - January 25, 2010

Check out the Press Review Link for 2 Great Reviews from 2 of the best Folk/Rock and sites in Europe.
Also check out some of the great music that is featured on Roots.time.be and Altcountry, where Folk/rock and Blues/Americana still lives.

Going Underground Released - October 4, 2009

Going Underground. Released at the end of September. Reviews have put it as "Dave's Best work thus Far". "Love the new tunes and guitar" "Uplifting and drivinig melodies"..............
"Love the CD !"

Thanks, Follks for great feed back..... dave

Going Underground - Releasing on Aug 28 ! - August 12, 2009

Going Underground is being released on August 28. Digital version will be available in early September on DigiStation and later on Itunes, LaLa, Napster, and Rhapsody.

"Going Underground" in the mixing phase - June 3, 2009

==> Check out the MUSIC link for rough studio cut sample of a new song -
New brandnew original songs writen in the last Fall and Winter. An nice Acoustic rock mix with little sustain and dirt to add to the mix which has the folks at Coffee House buzz a-buzz with anticipation.

- After a chilly spring here in the Northeast, "Going Underground" is nearing it's launch for this summer. Just got done with a quick interview with after his set at the Javatime and it looks like the next CD will be out this summer. Nine brandnew original tunes and a favorite "Glass Ceiling" and "Down By the Ocean" kind of has a 60's feel. But can't give too much away, yet. Stay tuned.

New Album "Just A Man in The Moon" set for release Oct 10 ! - September 19, 2008

Dave Van Dyke's latest release, entitled "Just A Man in the Moon" is currently in manufacturing and in queue for Digital availability for the middle of this October !
It contains 9 new original tracks and the CD will include a 4 page insert with lyrics and interesting notes........................

New Album set for Production next month - July 30, 2008

"Just A Man in the Moon" is scheduled for release in early October 2008. Nine new songs, including a studio version of a club favorite "Hop on the Train".

More info coming in August.

New Album in the works - June 12, 2008

News Release from David A. Van Dyke Music:
Dave is currently in the recording studio working on the latest (his 2nd) Album. It's production date is set for the end of the summer and for release this fall. Check our website for updates and new title later on this summer (still waiting for copyright)... Dave, again thanks his loyal fans who have been enjoying his a1st Album released this past January..

Desert Spirit - now available on major download sites! - March 14, 2008

Desert Spirit - The debut album from recording artist Dave Van Dyke now available on major download sites including itunes and napster.

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