It was already the summer of 2007, and after years of playing college gigs, and coffee houses and small bars in and around New Jersey; it was time to get these recorded and published. A recent trip to the southwest with it’s hot days and warm nights, sipping cold beer by the pool with the vivid sunsets of dark purple and pink neon streaks crisscrossing the sky did the trick. It was time to get into studio. Forget those old 16 track recordings with all the hiss and get into the new digital with a few old analog pre-amps and reverb to spring back “live” sound. After feverously working most of the summer and fall recording and mixing with Post-Production mixing began in late November of 2007 and CD’s were coming off the press by the time Santa was making the rounds. The album was released on the independent label by CDBaby and is currently being delivered to all the major digital download companies. Dave spent most of his career in part-time bands in college and for few years after playing mostly 60’s through 80’s rock and roll. The last ten have been spent playing smaller venues around New Brunswick and New Hope area honing several originals works during solo sets with a few covers from Tom Petty and Neil Young to fill the gaps. It was the original songs that the local folks consistently commented on and wanted a copy of. Most of these works were never recorded and after fans, friends and work colleagues gave him the final nudge. Work began in early 2007 to formalize, copyright, and perform some final takes at some local pubs and coffee bar. After that, and several months in the studio “Desert Spirit”, the album, was released. Just a Man in the Moon was released last October which featured more electric guitar work and songs written during the Sprint of 2008. "Lying Awake" and "Hop on the Train" . After being released on a Full moon it's been getting airplay on Napster and selling quite well on Itunes..... "Going Underground" was released this past September and features some driving Electric/Acoustic Americana rock with catchy melody tunes with an upbeat theme. Locals have stated its "Dave's best work so far" and currently is setting a local tour for promotion. "Clock on the Wall" was released in 2011 and "Edge of the Water" in 2013, both very popular in Streaming/internet radio and Europe sales. He spend the Spring writing and summer in the Studio... and "Out of the Salt Mine" is in Production now with some new tunes and several written by never released cuts 12 songs in all, and looking to release later this Fall on CD Baby and all Digital download partners. Enjoy ! Please sit back, listen, and enjoy!